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Obtainment of permanent residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners
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A recent client reached out to us, and their initial statement was, "I'll pay any amount, just help me break free from this endless loop." Our legal team quickly became involved in the matter and found out that the client's wallet, containing their permanent residence permit, was stolen in the subway. While the client promptly canceled their credit cards, the reissuance of the residence permit posed a significant challenge.

At first, the client sought assistance from the police. However, upon mentioning the "residence permit," they were immediately directed to the immigration authorities. After learning about the lost permit, the immigration office stressed the importance of contacting the immigration police to file a report and pay a fine. Following a detailed interrogation and the verification that the residence permit had indeed been stolen, the foreigner was once again referred to the national police.

The difficulty of the situation arose from the foreigner's limited command of the Ukrainian language and their unfamiliarity with the legal rules and regulations in force. On the other hand, the local authorities on site showed little willingness to assist and were unwilling to delve into the matter; they merely sent him on a repetitive loop.

The foreigner rightly understood that without the guidance of professional immigration lawyers, he wouldn't be able to make sense of the situation. That's why he sought our help. Everything becomes straightforward when you have a grasp of immigration law and can act swiftly.

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What to do when you've lost your permanent residence permit in Ukraine?

Start by reporting the loss to the national police and filing a theft report. In your statement, it's crucial to list all valuables, including the permanent residence permit that was stolen. The next step is to obtain a document from the police inspector confirming that the authorities have accepted your report of the permit theft. Typically, this document involves the entry of relevant information into the Register of Pre-trial Investigations. This entry is usually recorded in the Register of Pre-trial Investigations. You don't need to wait for the results of the report, as this document serves as the basis for your subsequent contact with the immigration service to notify them of the permit theft.

It's important to note that only in this way can you avoid fines. "Immediate" means within reasonable timeframes. In other words, if you contact the authorities 2-3 months later, fines may be imposed. However, if you report the loss within just 3-5 days, it is considered a reasonable timeframe.

It is crucial for the foreigner to promptly report the loss or theft of their permit in writing to both the national police and the immigration service. Failure to do so may result in fines ranging from 3,400 to 5,100 UAH. If such an incident occurs again within a year, the fine will double.

In our case, we prepared an explanation on behalf of the foreigner, outlining the reasons for reporting the loss three weeks after the theft. This was done to avoid the imposition of an administrative fine. The fact that the foreigner documented the dates of reporting and the names of the specialists he met with proved valuable. It is essential to emphasize that on the day of the theft, the foreigner reached out to both the national police and the immigration service. Regrettably, he could not explain his situation correctly.

In addition to filing a report with the national police, we also submitted a notification to the immigration service. We provided the original passport, its translation into a foreign language, and documents confirming the payment of administrative fees.

The immigration service conducts all necessary checks within a period of up to 15 business days. As a result, just three weeks after initiating the process, our client received a new document confirming their right to permanent residence.

A similar situation arises when a foreigner, due to their own carelessness, loses their permit. In this case, it is also crucial to promptly inform both the national police and the immigration service. However, the report should state the loss of the permit, not its theft. The foreigner should then submit the same set of documents as required in the case of theft to obtain a new permit.

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What to do after receiving a new permanent residence permit?

Upon obtaining a new permit due to loss or theft, it is crucial to immediately visit the Center for Administrative Services at your last registered place of residence and report the document exchange. The purpose of this visit is to notify them about the document exchange, enabling the necessary updates to be made in the Register and obtaining a new certificate of registered residence.

Our legal experts assure you that losing or having your permit stolen is indeed an unfortunate event. However, it should not become a problem for you. By following the correct and precise procedures and promptly completing all the necessary steps, this situation should not pose any risks.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients at every stage, from filing a report with the police to receiving the new permit and updating your information at the Center for Administrative Services. Trust us with the documentation process, and we guarantee a swift and comfortable resolution of this situation.

Check out the cost and steps for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine here.

Publication date: 12/09/2023
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