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Low cost and developed infrastructure make Ukraine a very attractive country for permanent or temporary residence.

Today, more and more foreigners intend to stay in Ukraine, at least temporarily. Besides the attractiveness of comfortable daily living, there can be many reasons for that: work in Ukraine, business, personal relationship with someone who resides in Ukraine, etc. We often meet foreigners, representatives of the IT sphere, who prefer to conduct their business in Ukraine due to the low tax rate.

When coming to Ukraine, such persons need to find a place of residence. Many choose to buy an apartment, as real estate is always a good investment.

But there are those who don't rush to buy real estate and prefer to lease an apartment, usually for the long term. At this stage they are faced with a lot of questions and concerns not only about the choice of comfortable accommodation, but also about the safety of the lease agreement.

And that's entirely understandable, because when moving, getting permits, without a family or only with the couple, with children, with pets, it is difficult to put everything together and pay enough attention to your safety. And meanwhile you are in a foreign country, with other rules, new people, and after googling stories - with “fear” of real estate realtors.

Unfortunately, when searching for an apartment and concluding an agreement, you may really face fraudulent activity and unscrupulous contractors. For example, the agency may offer you to sign an agreement and pay for their services, and then it turns out that you have purchased only informational services, and no actual work will be done.

Today, we will tell you how a lawyer can help you choose an apartment for rent in Ukraine and sign an agreement.

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Services of a proven rental realtor in Kyiv

We were contacted by a Client who has already obtained a Work Permit and a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine, and who was going to come to Ukraine for a long period of time.

He asked if we could help him find an apartment to rent. The Client was excited and afraid of being cheated. He understood that our services as attorneys will cost him additional money, but it is the price for his peace of mind and guarantees.

Since we have been providing real estate services to foreigners for many years, we have prepared a list of reliable realtors providing their services under our supervision. This allows us to ensure security of the process of searching for an apartment and then concluding a rental agreement.

Our realtor offered several options for in Kyiv within a short time, in accordance with the Client’s wishes regarding the location, square footage, term of the lease and payment. Since he planned to move in from the airport, we provided full photo- and video-fixation of the proposed options, provided all the information, and personally monitored the entire process. As a result, the Client obtained all permits, including a Temporary Residence Permit with our assistance, and even “comfortably” moved to Ukraine.

In this case, a lawyer saves you time and efforts on collecting information about the realtor, the agency, namely:

  • their reputation and characteristics;
  • recommendations of persons who have already used the services;
  • feedback from tenants and landlords about the work of the realtor, agency;
  • other necessary information.

We will prepare everything for you in the best way, according to your wishes.

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How to safely enter into an Apartment Rental Agreement in Ukraine?

You can easily take care of your safety when renting housing - you need to sign a rental agreement for the desired period.

Please note! Do not agree to rent the apartment without an agreement that fully protects your rights and interests. Usually, problems arise with realtors that offer to sign a typical agreement for everyone, without observing your requirements. This can lead to:

  • Your absolute insecurity if the landlord decides to change the rental price or to rent the apartment to someone else;
  • Lack of protection against a realtor who is primarily looking out for his/her own interests.

It is important not only to finalize the agreement based on your interests, but also to closely monitor the requirements for execution of an agreement.

In the case of a long-term tenancy, the accommodation may be provided not by the landlord directly, but by his/her representative by proxy - this can be a relative or an acquaintance. In that case, you should make sure that the power of attorney is valid and enforceable. And even if it is, you should insist on contacting the landlord, in order to find out his/her real attitude towards the tenancy. We have already encountered the situation when the power of attorney was revoked, which made the representative's signature on the agreement invalid.

In any case you should be given all the documents for the rented apartment. We pay attention to the form of ownership, the documents of the apartment, and also require a copy of the documents of the owner's representative (and the power of attorney from the owner of the apartment) or the owner, as an attachment to the agreement.

The tenant must also provide the passport, it is desirable to have a notarial copy of the passport translated into Ukrainian and TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number, if any), if the agreement is signed with a notary. We can prepare this for you by prior arrangement.

The rental agreement must include the following information:

  • information about the owners of the housing;
  • details of the documents confirming the title to the apartment;
  • address and number of the apartment;
  • terms and procedure of payment;
  • the life of the agreement;
  • rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord;
  • guarantees;
  • grounds for early termination;
  • financial obligations, etc.

When drafting an agreement, you should specify the day of moving to the housing, carefully setting out the information about the participants in the transaction. Usually we insist on drawing up an acceptance report, where we specify what equipment or furniture is in the apartment, so that there are no problems when you move out.

Please note! The agreement is made with a specific person, but if you will be living with several people, you should specify cohabitants - their rights and obligations are solidarity.

For the agreement to be legally valid, it must contain the passport data of the owner and the tenant, the place of their registration, as well as their personal signatures.

Pay the first month of rent only after the agreement  has been signed or when you move in.

We offer you to avoid all possible problems during the search for an apartment and the conclusion of the rental agreement. Our team can secure your interests, because we:

  • We have clear rules of cooperation with realtors, monitor their actions.
  • We agree on the meeting, review, photo and video shooting, we personally check everything at the location - as a result there will be no situation where the owner has hidden something that can spoil your living conditions.
  • If necessary, we negotiate that the owner “holds back” the apartment for you, if you decide on a particular option. As a rule, the maximum waiting time is a week. But you can be sure that the housing you like will be yours.
  • We carefully and attentively check the documents on the property.
  • We proofread the agreement, make changes, and insist on a notarized rental agreement. This will guarantee that after two months the owner will not ask you to pack up and leave.

The cost of this service starts from USD 500 + the fee for the realtor’s services. The price will depend on the complexity of the situation and the amount of services you need.

Do you want to stay in Ukraine and don't want to waste your time searching for and checking out an apartment? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will find exactly what you need and guarantee your legal security.

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Publication date: 25/11/2021

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