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Restructuring problem loans

Legal support in restructuring obligations on loan agreements was formed as an independent service that is practiced by our firm since 2009.

The accumulated experience of litigation support in credit cases as well as understanding of acceptable for banks loan restructuring scheme allow us to propose the conditions of loan restructuring that satisfy our Clients and are accepted for banks.

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General Manager Stashkevych I.Y., LLC “Trading company” Rud”
We would like to indicate that law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" has become a reliable partner for legal services provision and we can recommend it as a team of qualified professionals who are easy and pleasant to deal with
General director I.Logvinenko , Bravo Airways
Bravo Airways company expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for high quality and timely provision of legal services.
L. Chervonyuk, LLC "Vitalux"
Vitalux company highly appreciates results of cooperation with Law firm “Pravova dopomoga”, can characterize it as a reliable partner and based on personal experience is ready to recommend it to interested persons...
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What we do

Our services on restructuring problem loans include:

  • legal audit of relations between our Client and a lender (audit of interest accrual, analysis of documents on the matter of loan agreement invalidity recognition, estimation of duration and possible outcomes of the litigation and others);
  • development of options for restructuring loan which would be acceptable for Client and for Bank as well;
  • legal representation of Client in dealings with the bank, submission and reasoning of proposals on reaching the agreement about the most beneficial restructuring options for the Client. Our lawyers deal with written communication with the bank as well as legal representation during personal meetings with officials of credit institution;
  • development of documents for loan restructuring.

Additional information about the service

Loan restructuring is used in cases when a Client does not refuse to discharge his obligations to the bank but the established order and amount of payment does not match his abilities. Commonly it is very difficult for a debtor to find a mutual understanding with a lender. At the same time a lawyer is able to act as a mediator alternately addressing to both parties to find "points of compromise" where their interests meet.

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