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Our firm conducts legal support of executive proceeding which includes:

  • analysis of documents and advising Clients;
  • legal representation in relations with State Executive Service and trading organizations;
  • preparation of documents for legal support of executive proceeding;
  • analysis of actions of the Executive Service and trading organization on the matter of legality and also the contestation of unlawful actions;
  • development of an individual strategy depending on situation and Client's interests.


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Support of executive proceedings as well as process of property sale by trading organizations is an important part of "Problem loans" practice.

Our firm provides services for both individuals with the mortgage loans as well as large companies with business loans obligations. That is why we’ve accumulated considerable experience in the development and application cessation of illegal actions algorithms by the Executive Service and trade organizations, retention of control over the property and also ensuring the closure of executive proceeding on acceptable terms for the Client.

Additional information about the service

Executive proceedings and disposal of seized property at public auctions is the final stage of problem loans dispute settlement. That is why it is important for the debtor to complete the debt recovery with acceptable and beneficial conditions for him.

The main objectives of executive proceeding legal support are:

  • prevention and suppression of unlawful actions of the executive service’s and representatives of trading organizations;
  • ensuring closure of the proceedings on acceptable for our Client terms;
  • preserving actual control over the property by Client after the executive proceeding on acceptable terms (in case if Client is interested).

Executive proceedings support of problem loans is a part of “Problem loans” practice and is closely related to “Litigation”.

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