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License for school infirmary

License for school infirmary

What we do

  • assist with identification of the necessary actions and documents that will subsequently be necessary to license school infirmary;

  • assist with documents that our client cannot obtain on his own;

  • fill out all the applications/forms;

  • submit paperwork based on power of attorney (no need to come to Kyiv);

  • monitor decision of the Ministry of Health and prepare payment details of official license fee.


License for a school
8000 UAH

After obtaining the license for the school infirmary, the Client shall pay the official license fee to the state budget - one subsistence level for able-bodied persons (1,921 UAH since January 1, 2018, 2,007 UAH since July 1, 2,102 UAH - since December 1). Although the fee won’t significantly increase, the sooner you obtain the license, the less you shall pay for the procedure.

Successfully rendered services

Obtained a license for educational institution at the beginning of October 2019

Helped an IE (individual entrepreneur) from Kyiv city to license a facial room.

Legal support of a group of our clients during hearing of the licensing commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for 28.02.2019

The last day of February became especially productive for our firm. Immediately 5 clients got positive decisions on obtaining a new license or making changes to the existing one.

Supported an obtainment of a license for educational institution during hearing of the licensing commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 15.03.2019

It is not a first time, when our firm supports general educational institution in Dnipro, as well as nationwide. Commonly, schools, lyceums licensed activities of nurses, physician assistants and pediatricians.

Successfully supported a group of clients during hearing of the licensing commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on March 21, 2019

The proper preparation of documents by our lawyers allowed a number of educational institutions from Dnipro city to obtain licenses for their medical offices.

Time and time again, our Company assisted an educational establishment of the Dnipro city

Our lawyers on a regular basis provide legal assistance for doctor’s offices of schools, lyceums and other education establishments, both in the Dnipro city and in other towns in Ukraine.


  • plus


    As evidenced in practice, the cost of our services is affordable for institutions, especially given the significant number of inconsistencies in obtaining a license. At the same time, your documents will be drafted by the lawyers that support complex licensing cases of medical clinics, public and state hospitals, etc.
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    Our company, as well as the licensing authority (the Ministry of Health of Ukraine), is located in Kyiv. Our location allows us to work with all regions of Ukraine, to promptly submit documents, to receive necessary comments/explanations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (if necessary).
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    Thus far, our lawyers have successfully supported the opening of school infirmaries (nurses’, paramedics’, pediatricians’ and other doctors’ offices) of more than 20 educational institutions from different regions of Ukraine.
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    School infirmaries became subject to licensing more than 3 years ago. This means that today working without a license is against the law. Our company will help you to quickly obtain a license and mitigate the risks of negative consequences that directors and other responsible persons may face.
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    The cost our services is paid openly and transparently under the Legal Services Agreement. The quality and effectiveness of our services can be confirmed by the directors of educational institutions who have already obtained licenses.
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    We can obtain a license even in the most difficult situations. Our company has repeatedly received licenses for schools even after several refusals of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Required documents

  • Copy of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion on the premises
  • Scanned copy of the extract or certificate from EDRPOU
  • Scanned copy of diploma, medical degree

The full list of documents for the school infirmary lisence is as follows:

  1. Extract from EDRPOU;
  2. Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion on the premises;
  3. Lease agreement or title deed;
  4. Plan of premises with space and names of offices specified (e.g., a medical office for pre- and post-trip driver’s examination - 12 sq.m., a nurse office - 14 sq.m., etc.);
  5. Schedule of work of the office(s) (days and hours), as well as of specific doctors/junior medical staff, if several medical workers work at one office;
  6. A list of medical equipment prepared in any form, specifying the name of the device, manufacturer, model, year of manufacture according to the equipment table, and specifying the office where the equipment is used;
  7. Documents confirming the verification (calibration) of measuring instruments in use (tonometer, thermometer, hygrometer, autoclave, etc.);
  8. Diploma of doctors/junior medical staff;
  9. Certificate(s) of a medical specialist (if medical care is provided by physicians);
  10. Certificate on assignment of qualification categories (if any);
  11. Professional development training/specialty training for junior medical staff (if medical care is provided by junior medical staff);
  12. Certificate on assignment of qualification category of junior medical staff (if any).


Director I. Garkusha, "Medyk" LLC

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Director L. Susenko, Medychni diagnostychi systemy LLC

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I. Pruzhnyak , Sole trader I. Pruzhnyak

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Director S. Sokolova, LLC “Company”Nika-S”

Quick work of your lawyers allowed us to continue our medical practice without unnecessary breaks related to obtainment of the new license. Due to this we managed to avoid financial losses and continued providing high quality dental care services to our clients... More information

Director A. Stelmakh, Private enterprise "ESTO"

We got consultations about organization of the medical center’s work, formalization of labor relations with employees, legal regulations on use of different medical equipment...... More information

N. Gorova, Sole trader N. Gorova

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S. Lyubynetskyi , Sole trader S. Lyubynetskyi

Without any recommendations I chose law firm “Pravova dopomoga” among all other companies on the market and not once did I regret my choice...... More information

Director Mykhailo Bogdanovych Havrylyshyn, Kalush City Center of Primary Health Care

…we can confidently recommend the lawyers of Law firm «Pravova dopomoga» as reliable legal partners on the matters of medical practice licensing and other procedures related to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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Chief physician Romanyuk E.V., Municipal non-profit enterprise "Central district hospital of Busk"

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Important to know

Licensing of a medical office with our specialists

Obtaining lisence for the school infirmary or treatment room involves a certain number of steps. We can explain each of them to You at the admissions consultation.

After all, in the process of obtaining any permit, there are always a lot of questions: who to turn to? What to do with the equipment for the medical office of the school? How do I get the necessary documents quickly and easily? What details does the licensing authority pay attention to?

We will be able to give you answers to all these questions. 

The mission of our company is to make solving any legal issues simple, safe and effective. We have already worked with a large number of schools in various regions of Ukraine. You can read their reviews on our page.

You can check the licensing price of the medical office with our specialists.

If you want to get a license for a medical office in the school simply and safely - call us!


Are community schools exempt from the official license fee?

Schools shall pay a license fee on general terms. At the same time, in some regions, the official fees may be paid from local budgets by the Department of Education. It is also common for parent committees, charitable foundations and private sponsors to finance the licensing procedure.

Does license allow to vaccinate children at school?

The license may cover such medical services as immunization/vaccination. However, the license is not a self-standing document. Medical staff shall undergo training program related to vaccination methods.

What institutions are subject to licensing?

Medical offices are currently subject to licensing at schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, educational complexes, kindergartens, boarding schools and other educational institutions.

Is license issued in a paper format?

As a general rule, licenses are issued only in electronic form (by publishing data on the educational institution on the official website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine). However, you can obtain an extract from Official Decision on license at the official request of an educational institution.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner