License for currency exchange for a financial institution

Cost of services

Cost of services:

fron 75 000 USD
Currency exchange license
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What we offer

  • provide consulting concerning compliance of financial institution, its head (Director General, General etc.) and the chief accountant with legal requirements;
  • assess documents that are planned to be submitted to the National Bank of Ukraine, and we make a conclusion concerning their legal correctness and compliance of persons with conditions;
  • assist in writing a business plan, a questionnaire of financial institution, and other documents, if required;
  • analyze the financial and auditing reports before they are signed at an auditing company;
  • prepare the package of documents and provide it at the National Bank of Ukraine for consideration and for getting a currency exchange license;
  • control passing of documents in consideration at the National Bank of Ukraine.


Documents for obtaining a license

List of documents
Information on financial institution and its financial status
Information on the head and chief accountant
Data on ultimate beneficial owners

Documents submitted to NBU for currency exchange license obtainment:

  1. Application;
  2. Business plan (for 3 years minimum);
  3. Questionnaire of non-bank financial institution;
  4. Extract from the Register of Financial Institutions;
  5. Copy of the charter;
  6. Copies of financial services licenses;
  7. Financial statements;
  8. Audit report;
  9. Extract from the Register of Auditors;
  10. Bank statements from banks, which provide services for accounts of financial institution;
  11. Certificates about sources of income;
  12. SFS Certificate of No Outstanding Tax Liability;
  13. Credit reports;
  14. Documents confirming the availability of premises;
  15. Information on ownership structure of financial institution;
  16. Certificates of No Criminal Record;
  17. Documents confirming the business reputation and professional aptitude of the senior management;
  18. Copy of payment receipt for the currency exchange license.

This price for obtaining currency exchange licenses is the initial one, because our lawyers must evaluate the documents and situation in general in order to determine the exact price, which for each case is determined separately.

Non-bank institutions additionally pay for the following service:

  • documents review by the National Bank of Ukraine (binding official payment to the state, which amounts to UAH 10,130).

As the need arises and for a separate charge we register a financial institution (register in the Register of Financial Institutions), as well as accompany changes in a financial institution. More detailed information can be obtained at the following link.

Why us

Minimum Client involvement
Upon the receipt of the power of attorney from the Client, our lawyers carry out all actions without his direct participation in the process of preparation and submission of documents.
Guaranteed end-result
Due to the fact that our participation begins at the stage of evaluation and approval of the documents, the package of documents for submission will comply with the license conditions, and we will guaranteedly receive a favourable decision on license issuance.

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The National Bank has the right to require from a non-bank institution the submission of additional documents, information, explanations of documents submitted to the National Bank, which are necessary in order to make a decision on currency exchange license issuing.

Non-bank institutions must submit to the National Bank electronic copies of the documents together with hard copies.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is it possible for an ordinary company to get a license for currency exchange?

No, it is not. The company should be included to the Register of Financial Institutions.

Are there any requirements for the head of a financial institution or other persons?

Yes, there are requirements not only to the financial institution and its head, but also to the owners of a significant share in respect of business reputation and professional aptitude.

For what term is a currency exchange license issued?

Currency exchange licenses remain in force without limit of time.

Why do I need a copy of payment receipt for the service of documents review by NBU?

A copy of the payment document must be submitted together with the package of documents, because without it the documents will be returned for revision.

Requirements for issuing a currency exchange license for financial institutions

Among the requirements to the financial status of financial institutions, which are planning to carry out activities on currency exchange, there is a requirement for availability of minimum equity capital: 

  • the sum is UAH 5 million, if the number of operating units is not more than 50;   
  • if the number of operating units is 50 and more, the sum is UAH 5 million plus UAH 5 million for every next 50 operating units.

It should be noted that for successful obtainment of currency exchange license there should be no any:

  • within 6 months prior to the day of documents submission or during their review: 
  • material violations of the requirements of securing of financial institutions premises; 
  • statutory non-compliance;

Within the last year prior to the day of documents submission or during their review: 

  • 2 or more application of enforcement actions by the National Bank, such as: penalty, restriction, suspension or termination of certain types of currency transactions;
  • revocation of license.

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