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It’s no secret that registering a company in Ukraine is much easier than liquidating it. Not only that the liquidation process involves numerous contacts with the tax authorities and other state bodies, the most unpleasant thing is when the last liquidation inspections reveal debts of which you might not have known. Such nuances require an immediate reaction.

Or another situation - you need to dissolve a loss-making business, but you have only a 50% share in the authorized capital of the LLC, and the second member with the same amount of the share has disappeared, or refuses to liquidate the company.

What to say about very complicated situations, when the company has large debts to counterparties or tax authorities - how to liquidate an LLC in such a case?

Our company offers you turnkey services for liquidating the company in Ukraine.

It means that our lawyers will take care of the legal liquidation of your business in Ukraine. We will choose for you the best option of the company dissolution, we will organize the whole process and take it under control.

In this case it is important to monitor the process without leaving such nuances as the correct closing of the company’s accounts, de-registering it with tax authorities, receiving and keeping all the documents on the company dissolution, etc.

Remember that the liquidation of companies in Ukraine goes rarely fast, unless you have chosen an alternative liquidation of LLC, which means re-registration of the company to the new owner. We have already written about this option here.

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Legal services for the liquidation of the company in Ukraine from our company

The current legislation of Ukraine provides several options for liquidation. Choosing the right option for you will depend on many factors, for example: the legal form of business, type of economic activity, the amount and structure of accounts payable and receivable, the number of assets, the availability of the necessary financial and accounting statements of the company, etc.

At a preliminary consultation our lawyer will assess your situation and propose the option that will suit you and take into account all of the above factors.

Within the framework of the LLC liquidation in Ukraine our lawyers offer you the following services:

  • Legal consultation on the procedure of the company dissolution in Ukraine, selection of optimal variant for the Client, depending on its situation and wishes;

  • Preparation of documents for the procedure of the LLC liquidation, depending on the procedure chosen;

  • Filing of documents on the dissolution of the company to the State Registrar, the tax authorities, the social insurance agency, etc.;

  • Conducting a reconciliation with the tax authorities and control of the process of de-registration of LLC in the tax authority;

  • In case of obstacles during the company dissolution, the lawyer will offer an option to eliminate them and organize the entire process (for example, the payment of the revealed debts);

  • Transfer of primary documents for storage to the state archive;

  • Alternative liquidation of the company in Ukraine;

  • Liquidation of the company in Ukraine through bankruptcy.

You can see the cost of the company liquidation in Ukraine on our main services page. There you can choose the package of services with the required volume of work of the lawyer.

When ordering any of the packages, preliminary consultation is included in the price of the service.

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Legal consultation on liquidation of the company in Ukraine

When deciding to liquidate a Ukrainian company, it is necessary to remember the following nuances:

  • The liquidation procedure is a painstaking process that takes at least 2 months (only alternative liquidation can be performed faster), and before liquidating the company, it is necessary to prepare for the procedure correctly;

  • The liquidation procedure involves a certain amount of financial expenses, for example, for the state fees, payment of suddenly revealed debts to the tax authorities or publications in the newspaper. In this case, qualified legal assistance is not the sort of thing you should skimp on. Because it is a lawyer who exactly knows what to do, to solve the issue with the least losses for you. 

In addition, more considerate thought should be given to such a process as the dismissal of employees during the company liquidation. The law of Ukraine provides a clear algorithm for the dismissal and settlement of employees, which is important not to violate. Moreover, this algorithm will differ for certain positions, such as the director. Our lawyers will take care of these nuances in the process of turnkey LLC  liquidation.

Please note! We can also help with liquidation of a representative office in Ukraine, which has its own special procedure. In order to minimize the communication of the Client with the state authorities of Ukraine, we offer to change the director of the representative office to our trusted person.

Do you want to liquidate the company in Ukraine easily and quickly? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help you find a way out even from the most difficult situations.

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