Is it possible to renew a Ukrainian passport while abroad?

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During times of war, we have seen an increase in inquiries regarding the return to Ukraine and the restoration of Ukrainian documents for those residing abroad. 

Each client has a unique story and their own reasons for not renewing their passport for international travel on time. It is common for their internal Ukrainian passport to also be invalid due to missed photo updates at the ages of 25 or 45. In some cases, women change their surnames after marriage, but their passport still reflects their maiden name.

Navigating these challenges from abroad can be difficult, and individuals often worry about the potential loss of their Ukrainian citizenship while obtaining foreign residency documents.

Our team of lawyers carefully assesses each client's situation, identifies all potential risks, and, if necessary, contacts the appropriate government authorities responsible for citizenship matters. Only after a comprehensive evaluation, we develop a tailored approach for restoring passport documents

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Can a Ukrainian biometric passport be renewed while abroad?

Based on our extensive experience, individuals residing abroad can obtain the following documents to re-enter Ukraine:

  • Ukrainian passport for international travel;
  • Certificate for returning to Ukraine;
  • Certificate issued when a person's identity is confirmed but their citizenship is not. This is an exceptional situation where an individual possesses a non-biometric Ukrainian passport of the old format, and based on these documents, the border service grants permission to enter Ukraine.
  • Passport of another country if the individual has acquired foreign citizenship, and if necessary, obtaining an entry visa. Once in Ukraine, our lawyers assist with the process of renewing Ukrainian citizenship.

Furthermore, our team of legal experts has successfully helped clients in confirming their Ukrainian citizenship at consular offices and obtaining the necessary passport documents in a timely manner.

For instance, in a recent case, a woman who had been residing in Belarus for over 15 years urgently needed to return to Ukraine due to her mother's illness. Despite her expired Ukrainian documents, our specialists swiftly confirmed the validity of her citizenship, prepared her for an interview with the consul, and assisted her in assembling the required documents. As a result, she obtained the necessary document for re-entry into Ukraine within a few weeks.

In another similar situation, the daughter of one of our clients had emigrated to a foreign country about seven years ago, surrendered her internal passport to the migration service, and registered at the consulate upon arrival in Turkey. However, during her time there with her husband, she neglected to renew her passport. After her divorce, she faced the issue of returning to Ukraine since she no longer had a legal basis for residing in Turkey. Additionally, there was the matter of returning to Ukraine with her underage child.

Our team of experts has assisted in preparing all the necessary documents and facilitating the process of deregistering from the consular records. We have also organized the submission of your documents to the consulate and provided comprehensive support and detailed explanations throughout the process.

If you are currently abroad or residing overseas but are planning to return to Ukraine, we can help ensure a seamless transition without any complications. Feel free to reach out to us!

We will:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your documents and assess your specific situation.
  • Verify information regarding the possible termination of your Ukrainian citizenship, including checking against relevant registries and making inquiries with authorized authorities.
  • Provide you with the necessary guidance on renewing or extending your Ukrainian passport while you are abroad (if your Ukrainian citizenship is confirmed).
  • If needed, offer expert advice on the process of restoring your Ukrainian citizenship.
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding entry into Ukraine, document submission, and obtaining both your Ukrainian citizen passport and Ukrainian citizen passport for international travel.

The cost of our services related to returning from permanent residence abroad or restoring citizenship here.

Publication date: 25/05/2023
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