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Involvement in the operations of foreign non-governmental organizations' branches, departments, representative offices, and other structural units is a growing field of volunteer work in Ukraine.

In the past year alone, our company has received eight requests for assistance in handling the documentation process to register a branch or representative office for a foreign non-governmental organization. Unfortunately, navigating the bureaucratic hurdles, complex legislation, and numerous regulatory acts governing the establishment and engagement of volunteers and participants in these organizations can make the process challenging for individuals attempting it independently.

Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in resolving such matters and providing comprehensive legal and accounting support to organizations. Throughout the process, they will:

  • Assist in collecting and accurately preparing the necessary document package.
  • Clarify the requirements for document legalization in Ukraine, highlighting cases where an apostille will suffice.
  • Manage document translation and notarization on your behalf.
  • Facilitate the development of founding documents and address other important considerations regarding the organization's accreditation in Ukraine and the legal status of foreign individuals involved.

In our practice, we have encountered cases where we assist foreigners in finding employment opportunities within existing non-governmental organizations, as well as cases where we help establish such organizations for their future operations in Ukraine.

Today, we will focus on a particular scenario where a non-governmental organization is already established, either recently or with several years of operation, and there arises a need to obtain a work permit for a foreign individual to join the organization.

Foreign individuals can contribute to non-governmental organizations in two primary ways:

  • Through formal employment
  • By volunteering their services

Both pathways require proper documentation, and both offer the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.

At our company, we provide comprehensive support in handling the necessary paperwork for foreign volunteers or employees. Today, we will explore the intriguing aspects of the advantages and disadvantages associated with obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit.

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Pros of Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit through Non-Governmental Organization Participation:

  • It offers a clear and lawful means of acquiring documentation for living in Ukraine and engaging in organizational activities.
  • Foreign individuals are relieved from the hassle and expenses of obtaining visas and monitoring their stay duration in Ukraine, even if they won't be present throughout the entire year.
  • No additional time and resources are required for obtaining a work permit.
  • Being involved in organizational activities does not equate to formal employment, thus non-payment of certain taxes, such as social security contributions, does not jeopardize the residence permit.
  • Opening a bank account and accessing other administrative services in Ukraine becomes much more straightforward.

Cons of Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit through Non-Governmental Organization Participation

If the foreign individual intends to work in a different organization, an additional work permit is necessary.

The residence permit is granted for a duration of up to 1 year, unlike work-based residence permits that can be obtained for up to 2 or, in some cases, 3 years.

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Procedure for Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit through Non-Governmental Organization Participation

You should follow the following steps:

  • Obtain a Type D visa, if required, by submitting the appropriate application and a financial guarantee letter from a non-governmental organization.
  • Enter Ukraine.
  • Submit the necessary documents for the residence permit application.
  • Receive the residence permit and register your place of residence.

We will assist you in preparing the visa documents, which include:

  • Translations and notarization.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Financial proof of support.
  • Statement from the organization.

We will also guide you in completing the online visa application according to the specified requirements.

Furthermore, we will provide support in preparing the documents required for the temporary residence permit application to be submitted to the migration service.

The residence permit is issued for 1 year, and it must be renewed annually as needed.

In our experience, there have been cases where foreigners relocated to Ukraine to participate in non-governmental organizations along with their families. This is not a problem, as once one spouse obtains the residence permit, the other spouse has the right to apply for family reunification and obtain their own residence permit.

The second spouse should also obtain a Type D visa before applying for the residence permit.

If necessary, our lawyers can assist in obtaining Type D visas and residence permits for minor children in the family.

If you are considering obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine and are looking for reliable assistance, please reach out to us!

We will handle the entire process on your behalf and offer alternative options for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.

You can find the cost of a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine here.

Publication date: 05/05/2023
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