Why is it important for a business to have not only a legal address, but also an established postal service?

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One of the additional services provided by our  company as part of various registration actions is domiciliation of a legal address in Ukraine.

Today we are going to talk about a case from our practice that will help to answer the following questions:

  • where to get a legal address;
  • why you need a legal address;
  • why postal services are so important.

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Case in point: Do you need an office for your business?

In November 2019, we were contacted by Spanish citizens who intended to start a business in Ukraine. Some of the issues they were interested in were as follows:

  • Whether they could run a business without an office, since they were going to work remotely;
  • If no, how they could address this issue at minimum expense.

In the course of the consultation, our specialists explained to the Clients that they didn’t need to have an office where they would be physically located.

But to register a company, they needed to have a legal address. Since a legal entity is attached to local regulatory authorities, in particular, to the tax authorities, by location criteria.

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How can a company with a nominal legal address function?

If you do not need an operational office, you can go with a nominal address. The company will be registered at this address, but will not be located there physically.

However, if you decide on a nominal legal address, please note that:

  • This may raise questions  about the company’s location on the part of the tax authorities, it is especially riskful for VAT payers. Although the absence of a legal entity at its location is not a ground for revoking the status of a VAT payer, practice shows that state authorities usually have some kind of a “blacklist” for internal use. And it is better not to land on this list.

You can avoid these problems by organizing reliable postal services to your address. Such services will ensure that all the letters delivered to the nominal legal address from the tax and other state authorities, will be transferred to you quickly and in full.

If the addressee does not receive letters and they are returned to the state authorities, the latter may decide that the company does not locate at this address. We know cases when the tax authorities have summoned company executives to provide clarifications.

Thus, if the future company does not need an actual office, the most optimal and budgetary option will be to register a nominal legal address and arrange postal services. Our company can help you with this, if necessary.

Our Spanish Clients liked our offer and received not only legal, but also accounting services, as it is cheaper than employ a lawyer and accountant.

If you intend to set up a company, but you do not need an operational office - our company will provide you with a legal address and reliable postal services. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Publication date: 09/12/2019
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