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Ukraine has been hosting foreign volunteers for several years. Let's recall EURO-2012, one of the first and most extensive projects that drew participants from many countries worldwide. Even today, we continue to witness a rising number of individuals who come to our country, moved by their hearts' calling, to provide voluntary and unpaid assistance in various sectors, including humanitarian aid, education, environmental initiatives, rehabilitation, and more.

Additionally, our nation is characterized by its religious diversity. Consequently, representatives of different religious movements and faiths from abroad visit us regularly to engage in religious activities. This often includes monks, pastors, and other religious leaders who conduct religious ceremonies and rituals.

The legal experts at our company have frequently assisted such clients in obtaining visas for entry into Ukraine and have prepared all the necessary documentation to secure residence permits. While some foreigners do not stay in Ukraine for an extended duration, others have resided in the country for many years. However, they are required to renew their stay permits annually, repeatedly obtaining temporary residence status.

Frequently, a question arises: Can volunteers obtain a permanent residence permit? Taking into consideration the inconveniences faced by foreigners who must continuously monitor permit expiration dates, stay updated on legislative changes, and adhere to document requirements, Ukraine has finally enacted a law permitting volunteers and those engaged in religious activities to acquire documents for permanent residence.

However, this law sets forth several mandatory requirements. We will explore these requirements further.

The criteria for obtaining permanent residency: Requirements for volunteers and religious workers

First and foremost, it is necessary to possess a valid temporary residency permit at the time of applying to the migration service. The next requirement is to have maintained residency under such a permit for at least the past five years. As previously mentioned, this permit must be renewed annually. Continuous residence is a critical condition. This does not mean that the foreigner must stay in Ukraine for the entire five-year period. Temporary departures are permitted. However, a single departure should not exceed 90 days, and the cumulative duration of departures within a year should not exceed 180 days.

It's important to note that this calculation is based on the actual year rather than the calendar year. For example, if August 10, 2023, is the starting date for the calculation, the beginning of the year for assessment is August 9, 2022. There may be various nuances to consider, which is why we recommend seeking advice from our legal experts. If necessary, our specialists can assist in obtaining information from border authorities regarding all entries and exits within the last five years and provide insights into exceptions that do not impact continuous residency. Such exceptions may include departures for educational purposes, work-related trips, vacations, medical treatments, and other specific circumstances.

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It's important to pay attention to factors that could lead to a refusal, such as:

  • Having a criminal record.
  • Being diagnosed with infectious diseases.
  • Suffering from chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, or substance abuse.
  • Illegally crossing the border into Ukraine.
  • Having outstanding financial obligations, including court judgments, administrative fines, etc. (e.g., unpaid alimony, fines for traffic violations).
  • Submitting forged documents.
  • Providing false information when submitting documents, often related to the declared address of residence, which may differ from the actual registered address.
  • Being subject to a ban on entering Ukraine, which might result from unpaid fines imposed by border authorities for violations or the presence of unpaid debts in Ukraine.
  • Other situations where our company's specialists can help resolve issues and minimize the risk of unwarranted refusals.

At the end of October, the law will come into effect. However, it's crucial to initiate the collection of the required documents now. To secure permanent residency, apart from possessing a valid passport and a temporary residence permit, you will need to provide details about your foreign residence, a clean criminal record, accurate translations of documents into Ukrainian, and, in specific cases, the legalization or addition of an apostille, alongside other requisites.

Our lawyers recommend taking prompt action and prepare documents at your earliest convenience. It's worth noting that permanent residency carries numerous advantages. As previously mentioned, you won't have to expend time and resources on the annual renewal of your permit. Furthermore, it may serve as the foundation for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship in the future, provided that you meet the five-year residency criterion and fulfill all other mandated criteria.

Our specialists are poised to offer the necessary assistance and guidance concerning the collection of documents and the application process for a permanent residence permit. Don't hesitate to contact us today to ensure a seamless and successful application!

Learn more about the steps and costs of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

Publication date: 18/09/2023
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