Change of information about sole trader in official business registers

Cost of services

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Cost of the registration of changes
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What we offer

  • Provide verbal advice on changing additional information on the sole trader;
  • Prepare and submit a package of documents to the state registrar;
  • Obtain paper confirmation of changes (the possibility of obtaining confirmation depends on the type of additional information to be registered);
  • If the sole trader has a license, notify the licensing authority of the changes (if necessary and via separate agreement with the Client).


Documents required for changing information on the sole trader

List of documents
Information about the changes
Copy of the sole trader’s passport (in case of the relevant changes)
Power of Attorney for our employees
Sample documents for download
The power of attorney is drafted by our lawyers. In addition, we can ensure its certification by a notary, if necessary.
The price of changing additional information on the sole trader does not cover the cost of the notarization of a power of attorney for our employees 

Other (additional) information on the sole trader includes:

  • Contact information;
  • Passport data not related to the place of residence (passport series and number);
  • Citizenship;
  • Information on persons that can make transactions on behalf of the sole trader.

To learn more about the procedure for changing the name or place of residence of the sole trader, click here

To learn more about the procedure for changing types of economic activity (KVED) of the sole trader, click here

No state fee shall be paid for making additional changes to the sole trader’s data.

Why us

We guarantee fast results
Thanks to our extensive experience in providing registration services, we can guarantee that all the necessary changes will be made within one (1) business day upon the receipt of the power of attorney and other documents specified in the Documents and Information section.
We strive not only to fulfill our obligations, but also to exceed your expectations
We understand that in case of any amendments to the documents and/or the need to change the information, many sole traders may have some questions. For example, what other state authorities shall be notified of changes. Our lawyers can provide you with detailed legal advice on this issue, and if necessary, and via separate agreement, notify all necessary state authorities of the relevant changes.

We are ready to help you!

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Any changes to the sole trader’s information should be registered without delay to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

For example, the sole trader’s passport series and number is not a public record. 

Note: If the sole trader has the identification taxpayer number. If not, the search in the Unified State Register database is carried out by passport series and number. 

A change of passport, for example, to a biometric one, which has no series, but only a new number, may have no significant effect on the sole trader’s daily activities for a long time. However, as soon as the sole trader decides to become a founder/co-founder of a legal entity, the Unified State Register will display discrepancies during the registration.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the time frame for changes in the sole trader’s passport data to be registered in the Unified State Register?

The laws and regulations on the sole proprietorship registration procedures does not stipulate such a time frame. But if a sole trader has a license, it is better to register the changes as soon as possible. The licensing authority shall be notified of any changes to the documents submitted for obtaining a license within the time frame provided for by the license conditions, but not later than within one month. Thus, it is better to take a cue from the relevant license conditions, first of all.

In case of passport data changes, will it be enough to register them only in the Unified State Register, without notifying other state authorities?

If you do not have any license, it will be sufficient to register the change of passport series and passport in the Unified State Register only. If you have a license, you may need to notify the licensing authority of the change of passport data (depending on the type of the license), since the information is not automatically updated.

Procedure for the registration of changes to the sole trader’s additional information

As soon as the Client notifies us of his/her willingness to order services for the registration of changes to the sole trader’s information, our Company’s specialist agrees with him/her on the procedure, amount of payment and time of the meeting at the notary to certify a power of attorney for our employees (if the notarization was agreed upon when contacting the company).

The Client can also certify a power of attorney by his/her notary.

Upon the receipt of the information on the changes and notarization of the power of attorney, our employees submit documents to the state registrar.

No paper confirmation of changes to passport data is issued. The only confirmation is the list of documents submitted.

The sole trader’s contact information (phone, fax, e-mail) will be publicly available on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

If necessary, and upon the prior agreement with the Client, we can obtain a certificate from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine with the sole trader’s new contact information specified there.

We can change our standard procedure to a more convenient option for you, at your request.

To learn more information and to order the service, please contact our Company’s specialists.

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