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Our company constantly receives requests for Ukrainian citizenship. Such requests are often made by foreigners who are only intending to come to Ukraine, but do not have a place to live or a legal basis for residence. There are also those who have already lived in Ukraine, but were forced to go abroad due to military actions.

The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that, first, not all offices of the SMS (State Migration Service) are yet able to provide their services, and second, a large number of people are still justifiably afraid to return to Ukraine. What to do in this case with submission of documents for citizenship? Can it be done abroad?

In the new article our lawyers will talk about the practice of submitting documents for Ukrainian citizenship in the consular office. If you want to receive practical assistance from a citizenship specialist, we can provide it to you. Our advantages:

  • All organization and responsibility for achieving the result is on us. You will have all the information you need laid out for you on the shelves. At the same time, to be in the information field, you do not need to waste your time and nerves.
  • For us, the main thing is your result. We even take on complex tasks: collection of documents for the grounds of citizenship through archives, courts, lawyer requests; obtaining documents for citizens of countries with problematic immigration, etc.
  • Leading lawyer - Chief Specialist of the Migration Service for over 10 years.
  • We will prepare at all stages - an interview at the Migration Service, at the border, at the consulate, etc.
  • If you have no chance, we will be honest about it and find an alternative solution.

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Conditions for applying for Ukrainian citizenship through a consular office

What are the conditions for applying for Ukrainian citizenship at a consular office?

First, our lawyers will analyze your documents for grounds for citizenship, check whether all the documents, translations, legalization, etc. meet the requirements.

If you want to get citizenship of Ukraine through the embassy, you should take into account that an obligatory condition is the availability of documents for residence in this country, namely:

  • a passport of a citizen of this country (for example, if you submit documents in Moldova, you must be a citizen of Moldova and have an internal passport of this country and, accordingly, the place of residence);
  • a document for permanent residence (permesso, temporary residence permit, etc.).

In other cases, when you are in this country, the consulate will not accept your application.

Our lawyers will find out which consular office you need to go to, agree with the consul on the day and time of the visit (make an appointment for a convenient time for you).

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How do we accompany the Client in the process of obtaining citizenship?

Let’s elaborate on the whole procedure using the example of our Client. In June 2022 we were contacted by a citizen of Uzbekistan, who due to his territorial origin decided to obtain a Ukrainian passport and move to the UAE for residence.

Our experts examined his documents and confirmed that due to the fact that Client’s mother was born in Ukraine, he could obtain Ukrainian citizenship. We prepared a list of documents, explained what exactly these documents should be, how to translate, legalize, notarize them, etc.

In addition, we pointed out what documents are missing and how to obtain them. Specifically, the Client was missing a certificate of change of mother’s last name in her first marriage. Since the marriage was dissolved, this document would not be issued again. We informed the Client how it could be replaced.

In addition, we prepared drafts of applications in Ukrainian language for the Client according to the normative acts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The entire package of documents was coordinated with the Ukrainian Consul responsible for this direction of work in Uzbekistan. After all the checks the Client was registered at the Consulate for submitting the documents.

Please note! The Client shall personally submit documents to the Consulate. However, our lawyers are in constant communication and in case of problems they provide all necessary assistance.

But our support does not end there. After successful submission of documents, the Client is given a detailed consultation on renunciation of Uzbek citizenship. In order not to lose time, while inspections are conducted and the case of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship is pending, the Client will prepare everything needed to renounce Uzbek citizenship.

During our cooperation the Client told us that he tried to obtain Ukrainian citizenship several years ago, but he could not figure out how to do it, because he had problems with it every step of the way. That is why the best decision for him was to turn to our company and submit the documents quickly and easily.

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What are the advantages of applying for citizenship abroad?

The key advantages of executing documents abroad are that a foreigner doesn’t need to:

  • apply for a visa, invitations and other documents for entry into Ukraine;
  • apply for a Temporary Residence Permit or a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine;
  • look for housing to live in and register his/her place of residence, because one of the conditions for filing documents in Ukraine is to submit them at the place of residence.

Also while waiting for the decision on citizenship, there is no need to keep track of your term of stay in Ukraine or to extend it.

Of course, each citizenship situation is individual, and consulates do not provide such services in all countries. When checking the documents or after the interview, the consul may request additional documents.

Specialists of our company make all efforts to make the process of obtaining a Ukrainian passport easy, convenient and clear for our Clients.

You can check our service fees here.

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Publication date: 30/06/2022
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