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Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine
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In May 2021, a Client turned to our company with a question about registration of a non-governmental organization for development of the road construction sphere in Ukraine. There are a number of problems in this sphere that state structures refuse to solve and private companies are not interested in. That’s why the Client thought that a non-governmental organization should be engaged in the development of the sector.

The main goal of the organization was to receive assistance in the form of funds or property, which comes without return in the form of membership fees, irrevocable financial assistance, donations, grants. He also wanted to decide independently about their usage in accordance with the provisions of the Charter and legislation of Ukraine.

Our Client had several like-minded people and understood that at this stage it is necessary to choose the right form and develop documents professionally  in order to involve activists, sponsors and other interested persons in the future. At the same time, he did not want the industry giants to turn the organization into their pocket organization at some point, and use it as the voice of the public in pursuing their commercial interests.

Such requests are not unique at all, and our lawyers know how to draft the charter documents of non-governmental organizations so that the powers of members and governing bodies are clearly defined and balanced. It was also quite obvious for us that the Client needed to register not a non-governmental organization, but a non-governmental union. The main reason is the ability to attract legal entities as members of the organization (it is impossible for a non-governmental organization since 2014).

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Legal services for registration of a Non-Governmental Union in Ukraine

To clarify all the Client’s expectations, to describe the difference in the organizational and legal forms of non-governmental associations, and to make a final decision, we scheduled a short zoom conference. The Client chose a non-governmental association and left with homework from our lawyers to think through and formulate answers to critical questions about the architecture of the future organization. Specifically, the Client had to decide what responsibilities the voting members should have in order to be seen as participating in the development of the organization. For example, they could head the work of a certain area (department), participate in all meetings of the Board, etc. Such subtleties of the organization structure can be defined only by the Client.

Another issue was the personal composition of the founders of the organization. These founders will be recorded in the register for the entire period of the organization’s life and therefore it is necessary to choose them accordingly, as an element of PR.

Considering that the questions were formulated simply, the Client provided us with the answers within a week and we registered the union in three business days.

Despite the fact that the Client had no knowledge about the organization registration procedure when we started our cooperation, he has got a completely ready organization, full understanding of its future management system and a partner to support him in difficult moments of further activities.

At the moment we are discussing the participation of our company specialists in a broader meeting of industry representatives, the purpose of which is to present the organization and attract new members.

We regularly participate in the reporting and election and other conferences of non-governmental organizations, acting as a lawyer, who helps to make decisions on timing and legality, in terms of the provisions of the Charter and legislation.

You can check the cost of registration of a Non-Governmental Union here, or contact our specialists for a personal package of services.

If you want to be sure not only that the registration of the organization will go smoothly, but also that its structure will clearly meet your interests, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you a simple and reliable solution.

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Publication date: 16/09/2021
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