Participation of lawyer during inspections of controlling authorities and law enforcement agencies

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  • Provide assistance in organizing occupational safety and health at the enterprise.
  • Analyze the scheduled inspection notice and the grounds for the unscheduled inspection.
  • Determine whether the Client is subject to a moratorium on inspections.
  • Come to the Client to participate in the inspection in order to check the inspectors’ documents and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Client during the inspection.
  • Examine the inspection report, the administrative offence report, the improvement notice, the summons, the investigator’s order and other documents that are drawn up during and after the inspection, before they are handed over to the Client, for their compliance with the law.
  • Advise the Client on the legal implications of the inspection for the company and its executive officers.
  • Offer possible options for further actions to appeal the results of the inspection.


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Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm assists its Clients in undergoing scheduled and unscheduled inspections carried out by regulatory authorities, as well as ensures the lawyer’s presence at interrogations, searches, seizures, sample collection, inspections, etc.

The average cost of legal services for legal support of the inspection is 100 USD per one hour of the lawyer’s work at the inspection. This price includes transportation costs of our company’s representative. 

Service delivery time - period of the inspection (other activities).

Attendance of a lawyer at inspections of the state authorities

Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm provides full legal support of any actions of the regulatory authorities and law enforcement bodies in respect of the Client as a representative of the latter, including visiting the inspection authority and the Client for checking the documents and powers of inspectors, direct supervision of the process of state control measures, as well as participation in the preparation of documents on the results of inspections or other actions carried out in the Client’s office, as well as in the office of the investigator, inspector, expert, specialist, employee of the regulatory authority and law enforcement body.

This service includes the analysis of the notification of the scheduled activities of the state regulatory authority (inspection, audit, etc), received by the Client, with regard to the legality and compliance with the terms of receipt by the inspected, as well as come to the Client (office, warehouse, production place, etc.) to meet with the inspectors and to directly participate in the activities carried out in respect of the Client - until the end of these actions and documentation of the results of the activities.

It’s worth noting that part 4 of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Basic Principles of State Supervision (Control) in the Sphere of Economic Activity” provides that only laws establish:

  • bodies authorized to exercise state supervision (control) in the sphere of economic activity;
  • types of economic activity which are subject to state supervision (control);
  • method of supervision (control).

The regulatory authority is not entitled to exercise state supervision (control) in the sphere of economic activity unless the law expressly authorizes it to exercise such supervision in any sphere of economic activity and determines the powers of such authority when exercising the control.

Thus, before allowing the regulatory authority to come to your company, you should first study whether such regulatory authority is authorized to carry out the inspection of the respective types of economic activity and, most importantly, whether the law determines the method of inspection to be carried out by such authority and empowers such authority to carry out inspections, audits, discovery of documents, etc.

Why do you need legal assistance during the inspection?

Our lawyers will tell you how to behave with the inspectors, what to say, what documents to provide, what to demand from the inspectors, what to take, what to sign and what not to sign, what are the consequences of not allowing a representative of the state supervision (control) body or preventing it from carrying out inspections and so on.

Our credo when dealing with inspectors is to protect our Client’s rights, interests, business reputation and confidential information the unlawful encroachments of the state on business through carrying out illegal inspections, seizuring documents, office equipment, manufactured products, arresting property, bank accounts and so on.

Our lawyer’s visit can be both planned - in case of a scheduled inspection, for example, of the body of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, and situational - when the inspectors came to the Client without prior notification - for example, the labor inspectors came to carry out an unscheduled wage inspection.

If You need legal advice during the state inspection or legal support and assistance in preparing for it, don’t hesitate to call us!

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