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In today's world, people have the opportunity to realize their dreams and relocate from one part of the globe to another. However, this process comes with numerous challenges, particularly for foreigners planning to start a new life and business in another country. This article explores the experience of our law firm in assisting a client who chose to make Ukraine their new home.

Immigration and Relocation of a Foreigner to Ukraine

Our client, an American, had an intriguing life story. He spent part of his early years in Ukraine with his parents, where he completed his studies and became a qualified dentist. Later, he returned to the United States to explore new opportunities and build his career. But life had more twists in store for him.

On a vacation in the Dominican Republic, he met a Ukrainian woman. She owned a dental clinic back in Ukraine. Finding common ground, they struck up a conversation that eventually blossomed into a partnership. Subsequently, our client chose to relocate to Ukraine, a decision that brought with it a host of legal intricacies.

The first step was navigating immigration formalities, specifically acquiring a work permit for a foreign national in Ukraine. Our team diligently compiled and submitted all required documents, securing a favorable decision from the Employment Center, thereby facilitating a smooth transition for the client through this phase.

Next was the visa application process. We meticulously verified the documents for compliance with the consular service's standards and managed the submission to the Ukrainian consulate. Given that visa processing often involves a waiting period, we actively monitored the application's status, providing continuous support and assistance to our client.

The final hurdle was obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, predicated on employment. Our firm expedited this process, accompanying our client to the immigration service. After filing the paperwork, we kept a vigilant eye on the progress of the document review by the migration authorities, engaging in proactive communication to address any arising issues. Ultimately, our client was granted his temporary residence permit, enabling him to legally reside in Ukraine and embark on a new chapter of life with his partner.

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Marriage with a Foreigner in Ukraine: Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement

Several months after our client's relocation to Ukraine, he approached us again, this time regarding marriage and a prenuptial contract. Our team provided him with comprehensive legal advice and prepared all the necessary documentation for this crucial life event. With extensive experience in matrimonial law, our lawyers are well-versed in the various aspects that need to be considered when drafting a prenuptial contract.

We developed a prenuptial contract that safeguarded the interests of both parties, taking into account all their specific wishes. Such an agreement must align with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction. In this particular case, the prenuptial contract was executed with the mutual agreement of the spouses, establishing a robust legal framework for their future life together. Additionally, we managed to expedite the marriage registration process for them.

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Securing a Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine for a Highly Skilled Professional

After his marriage, our client faced the challenge of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. Since the standard route through marriage necessitates a two-year waiting period, we explored an alternative path: obtaining a permanent residence permit based on his status as a highly skilled professional.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s professional background, educational qualifications, and expertise, preparing a comprehensive document package for the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine’s approval. A crucial aspect was validating his three years of professional experience, especially since his career had primarily been in the USA. This required carefully crafting recommendation letters and verifying job offers. His diploma, obtained in Ukraine, facilitated this process. With all documents accurately prepared, we swiftly secured the Ministry’s confirmation.

With the official recognition of his qualifications and experience, the client was eligible to apply for an immigration permit and, subsequently, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine as a highly skilled professional.

During our ongoing collaboration, the client's dental practice evolved into a full-fledged medical center. Recognizing the intricacies of managing a business, especially in healthcare, the client entrusted us with the comprehensive handling of the accounting and legal aspects of their joint venture with his wife. The successful operation of a business in the medical sector requires strict adherence to various financial, tax, and legal regulations, all of which we proficiently managed for our client.

A comprehensive accounting and legal Support for the clinic is a foundation for smooth business functioning. Our client had the assurance that every aspect of his clinic was meticulously managed, adhering strictly to legal standards and focusing on the finest details. Our firm became an integral and dependable partner for the client, significantly contributing to the clinic's growth and its ability to offer excellent medical services within Ukraine.

This client's journey is a testament to the impact of adept legal support in navigating complex situations. From handling the initial visa documents to achieving permanent residency status, our firm was consistently by the client's side, ready to address and resolve even the most daunting challenges, aiding the client in attaining their goals in a new country. This experience highlights the significance of a lawyer's professionalism, tenacity, and responsibility.

Our law firm is ever-prepared to confront intricate challenges, offering unwavering support to our clients through each phase of their personal and business endeavors.

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Publication date: 06/11/2023
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