Registration of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union Organization in 2023

In 2022 a Сlient contacted us with an enquiry to register an All-Ukrainian Trade Union Organization. He was interested in establishment of the organization, including development of constituent documents of the organization, preparation to its establishment and support of registration. 

Since the Client was interested in establishing the all-Ukrainian organization, it implied the creation of regional organizations, negotiations with the local housing and utility sector, as well as a large amount of preparatory work. 

The Client knew exactly what kind of organization he needed, but did not want to deal with the procedure of establishing regional subdivisions - he wanted to get a ready organization with the necessary status.

Having already had a lot of similar experience, we undertook to register a trade union organization on a turnkey basis.

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How to register an All-Ukrainian Trade Union Organization?

Trade unions are nonprofit associations created to protect the professional interests of their members. Such organizations can be established as primary organizations at individual enterprises or have a local, regional or even All-Ukrainian status.

In order to obtain the all-Ukrainian status, a trade union must have local subsidiaries in 14 regions of Ukraine minimum. But first of all, you need to develop trade union documents, starting with constituent documents - the Charter and Minutes of the constitutive meeting.

Remember, it is what you initially stipulate in the Trade Union Charter that will determine whether it will be able to perform the functions entrusted to it. It is also possible to think in detail and specify such important aspects of the trade union’s activity as:

  • Joining a Trade Union;

  • Trade union governing bodies, their re-election and formation;

  • The rights and obligations of union members;

  • Special procedures of constitutive meetings and much more.

For example, members of the trade union organization that we were registering, due to quarantine restrictions, were not able to quickly organize a meeting in one place. In order to make both the registration of the organization and future meetings of its governing body possible, we prescribed in the Charter the online procedure of meetings, justifying it in terms of the law for the Ministry of Justice. 

Having done all the necessary preparatory work, we submitted the information about all local subsidiaries to the Ministry of Justice, and managed to register the all-Ukrainian trade union organization at the Ministry of Justice from the first attempt. 

It took us 1 month from the first filing to receiving the Certificate of Trade Union Registration. We needed about two more weeks for the preparatory stage of the process. Thus we met the deadline set by the Client, which was very important for the timely start of the work.

Please note! The Ministry of Justice can’t refuse the registration of the trade union, but it can demand the additional documentation, if the documents submitted don’t meet the requirements. Thus, the registration procedure can be delayed for a very long period.

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Our company offers a full range of services for registration of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union Organization. Working with us you will get:

  • Consultation on the registration of the trade union organization you need, the cost, timing and peculiarities of the procedure;

  • Full package of documents developed by our lawyers, taking into account your wishes: a Charter, Minutes, records on the trade union bodies, etc;

  • Filing the documents to the Justice authorities and monitoring their consideration: our specialists will personally communicate with state authorities;

  • Obtaining documents of legalization and registration of the trade union with the relevant bodies and funds;

  • Legal support of further trade union activities, if necessary.

And most importantly - we will register the All-Ukrainian Trade Union at the Ministry of Justice from the first attempt.

You can find the cost of all-Ukrainian trade union organization registration here or check with our specialists in any way convenient for you.

Registration of All-Ukrainian Trade Union Organization is a process, which requires understanding of procedural features in the regions and in Ukraine in general. We offer you a ready result with minimum time and effort. 

Please contact our experts and get a 100% result and a simple solution to your issue.

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Publication date: 30/09/2021

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