We helped our Client to get the status of Registrar of domain names

A сommunications service provider that our firm provides legal support to, requested us to draft a contract of private domain name registration within public domain .UA. Communication with the Client allowed us to discover his major interest which was to get the status of Registrar of domain names within lower level domains and domain zones. Obtainment of the abovementioned status is a legitimate ground for provision of services of delegation and support of domain names.

As of today neither Ukrainian nor international legislation includes special provisions of the law which directly regulate processes that are related to registration, use and termination of domain names. But at the same time we cannot say that this field of services is absolutely unregulated.

First of all, relations that arise from creation, use and termination of domain names are regulated in particular by provisions of legislation in the field of communications, protection of personal data and copyright protection; secondly, regulatory and preventive functions of registration, use and termination support of domain names are performed by the Administration of public domain names.

Administrators of public domain names set requirements for potential Registrars based on Internet use rules, rules and regulations of domains of different levels and purposes as well as based on the requirements of legislation in force.

Thus it is possible to get the status of domain name Registrar only when the Administrator’s requirements are duly fulfilled. These requirements are of both technical (correctness of links, registrant’s office, online-applications etc) and legal (drafting of the necessary documentation which regulates legal relations between the Registrar and Registrant of domain name) nature.

Legal experts of our firm provided comprehensive legal support which allowed the Client to get the status of domain names Registrar. The process included several stages:

  • examination of regulatory framework related to the process of registration, use and termination of domain names;
  • drafting of documentation that is required for a Registrar;
  • advising Client on the matters of proper technical formalization of drafted documentation;
  • obtainment of status of domain names Registrar by the Client.

Thus, our comprehensive approach and effective communication with the Administrator allowed our Client to get the status of domain name Registrar without loss of temporary resource.

The case is related to our firm's service of Legal support in Ukraine.

Publication date: 09/08/2013

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