What premises do you need to obtain a license to trade in alcohol?

The area of the premises used for selling alcohol directly affects whether or not you will obtain the license. As this is one of the direct requirements of the licensing authority. 

We will tell you what kind of premises are needed to sell various types of alcohol, and what problems many people have recently encountered when obtaining the license.

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Is there a difference in the floor space of the premises required for selling alcohol of different content?

According to the law, the alcohol point of sale is the point of sale, including bottling of alcohol at the point of its actual location. 

As for the requirements for the sale of alcohol, based on its content, they are as follows:

  • There are no restrictions on the square of the room used for selling beer;
  • The room used for selling hard liquor must be not less than 20 sq. m. At the same time, this room shall have a cash register.

If alcohol is going to be sold at a pleasure boat, the requirements remain the same, but the license is issued by the executive authority at the place of the boat's registration. 

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Equipping premises for selling alcohol

As for the equipment of the points of sale, there are several basic rules:

  • First, the point of sale of alcoholic beverages must meet sanitary, fire and security standards. 
  • Second, the premises must have counters, showcases, separate areas for sale and visitors, as well as other equipment for bottling, if any, and cleaning the room. 

Our lawyers can help determine a complete list of requirements for your establishment based on your personal situation and proposed business plan.

What kind of difficulties can you currently face when obtaining an Alcohol Retail License?

In our practice, we have noted several specific points, which may become problematic for many who want to obtain the license to sell alcohol. Here is an example of one of these points.

The list of documents required to obtain the license.

The fact is that there are only 3 documents required by law to apply for the Alcohol License, but in practice, the General Tax Office (issuing these licenses) requests much more. 

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So, the law requires that you submit the following documents:

  • an application;
  • a license fee payment receipt;
  • a cash register registration certificate.

Which list of documents is requested additionally in practice?

  • a certified copy of the lease agreement;
  • a certified copy of the landlord’s certificate of ownership of the premises to be rented;
  • pictures of the premises;
  • information on the taxation system.

It’s worth noting that failure to submit the required documents is a ground for refusal. In general, such a requirement of the authorities is not completely legal. But as the same practice shows, not having the skills of communication with the licensing authorities, it is useless to fight here.

Our firm has several options to solve this problem. We have already obtained a license several times on the basis of 3 obligatory documents. 

If you are going to open an alcohol point of sale and want to make sure that your premises and equipment fully meet the licensing requirements, don’t hesitate to call us. We can help you with both pre-preparation and obtaining the Alcohol License.

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Publication date: 31/08/2020

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