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Legal representation in courts of general jurisdiction of Ukraine

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Representation in courts of general jurisdiction is one of the main litigation areas of our law firm.

More detailed information about our experience and analytical materials about protection in disputes arising from civil legal relations is available in related materials or from our lawyers.

What we do
  • advising Clients on making appropriate decision on expediency of court defense and its effective directions during legal representation in arbitration;
  • drafting of required procedural documents: statement of claim, objection to a claim, appeal and cassation petitions, objections to them, petitions etc;
  • participation of a lawyer in the first instance, appellate and cassation court hearings;
  • support of court decisions enforcement by the State Executive Service of Ukraine after legal representation in court.

Additional information about the service

Our lawyers specialize in dealing with land, labor, inheritance, housing and family disputes. We also have a significant experience in cases related to ownership and consumer protection.

We’ve developed an extensive practice in the field of loans including unique examples (for instance we introduced a unique experience applied to problem loans in accordance with Article 652 of the Civil Code of Ukraine which provides a possibility of contract breach due to a significant change of circumstances).

Additionally, our lawyers represent Clients in cases when it is necessary to establish the facts of legal significance and other cases of a distinct proceeding.

General information about our geography of services and pricing principles is available in "Litigation".

Legal representation by defense lawyer can be provided in family, high, small claims court and in other courts that demand arbitration and legal representation for the successful case closure.

We work with our Clients after the legal representation agreement assignment, form of which we draft and demonstrate beforehand.

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  • Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"
    In turn lawyers of the Law firm ''Pravova Dopomoga" do not only act quickly in regard to our requests but also understand the very process of conduction of activities
  • Director S. Astashev, LLC "Company "Biznes proekt"
    Our experience of work with you in the field of litigation, tax consultations, registration of legal entities and others showed that you can be entrusted not only with ordinary projects but also with those that require creativeness in protection of interests
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