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Legal consultation
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Legal representation in Ukrainian courts

Legal representation in Ukrainian courts

What we do

  • Advise on all matters related to representation (self-representation) of the Client’s interests;
  • Analyze the case for successful outcome and carry out a preliminary assessment of the situation;  
  • Assist in drafting the necessary documentation for the successful completion of the task: in court, when signing agreements, during the inspection of an individual or legal entity, as well as during the representation of a Client at state authorities;
  • Protect and represent the Client’s interests during inspections, signing of agreements, in court and state authorities;
  • Elaborate on all possible scenarios and successful practices of similar cases.


Representation of the Client’s interests in the court
from 800 UAH/hour

Calculating the cost of representation services or determining the chances of successful completion of a task is not always straightforward. For this purpose, we often offer a paid preliminary consultation to thoroughly investigate the case and assess the situation. Such a consultation can also give you answers to most of the questions at the very beginning of our cooperation, making it clear and effective.

In addition, you’re not required to visit our office, we can analyze your situation and documents through any remote communication channels. 

We care about your time from the very beginning.

Representation of a Client, as a standard procedure, refers to the participation of the company’s lawyer in a certain process on behalf of and in the interests of the Client, both with and without his/her personal presence.

Representation services may cover the preparing procedure (inspection of documents, situation, staff briefing, etc.), when required.

This means that our lawyer will:

  • participate in preliminary negotiations with the counterparty;
  • accompany the director to the police, tax or other law enforcement authorities; 
  • study case materials in court; 
  • and carry out many other actions related to protection or representation of the Client’s interests in court.


  • plus

    Representation of Clients in the court is one of our company’s key activities

    Our company has been providing representation services since 2006 and till today. Thus, we know both theoretical and practical aspects of legislative developments. Besides, we have knowledge of modern practice of both judicial and state authorities.
  • plus

    Our company employs lawyers and attorneys who practice exclusively in the area of representation services

    Our company employs not only specialized lawyers, but also attorneys who have extensive experience in the area of representing interests, signing agreements and addressing challenging situations.
  • plus

    We have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers

    We can represent the interests of a Client not only in court, but also in other state authorities, as well as provide legal support for carrying out transactions and signing agreements. In addition, our lawyers can render legal assistance during various inspections of legal entities and individuals, ensuring successful outcome.
  • plus

    There are no impossible tasks for our team

    There are actually no situations that cannot be resolved by our lawyers, whenever and wherever they occur: in court, law enforcement agencies or during signing the agreement.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Documents required for obtaining a license

  • Brief information on the Client’s case
  • Available documents (if any)

To fully understand the case, we need to obtain all the available information about the situation. It’s always critical to successful beginning and completion of our cooperation with the Client.


In addition, we need to obtain all the available documents concerning the case, so that our lawyers can analyze them and provide you with preliminary conclusion.


Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"

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General Manager V. Volodchenko , Private Company "Etalon BUD"

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Important to know

If necessary, we can sign a Legal Services Agreement, which will include a clause restricting the use and dissemination of confidential information about the situation and Client’s data. We are committed to meet the Client’s needs and desires as effectively and efficiently as possible.


What is the procedure for representing the Client’s interests in court?

In most cases, representation of the Client’s interests begins with preliminary consultation of the Client and preliminary assessment of the situation by our lawyers. The next stage is the preparation of documents (if necessary) to ensure the case success. We are always confident of a successful outcome, be it a representation in court, state authorities, signing an agreement, inspection of an individual or a legal entity, or transaction support.

Why can’t the lawyer proceed with the order right away? What is the preliminary communication (consultation) with the Client required for?

In most cases, Client situations are not as easy as they might seem. But even in the simplest case we need to assess several factors: the chances of successful outcome, feasibility, mutual benefits, as well as decide on a lawyer, attorney or partner of the company to be involved on the process.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Representation of the Client, as a standard procedure, refers to the participation of the company’s lawyer in a certain process on behalf of and in the interests of the Client, both with and without his/her personal presence.


Representation services may cover the preparing procedure (inspection of documents, situation, staff briefing, etc.), when required.


Before representing the Client’s interests, our lawyers first conduct legal examination of the documents provided. Legal examination is a necessary step for the formation of a legal position. The representation services may also include the preparation of service documents such as claim, statement of claim, petition, notice of appeal or appeal in cassation.


The most popular type of representation services is, of course, representation in court, including representation of the company or a private Client, representation in arbitrations or in family law cases.


We do not take every single case, but if we confirm our interest in a particular project, be sure that the job will be done at the highest professional level.


Representation in court requires special preparation, as the court proceeding is carried out under strict rules, in accordance with the practice developed by the court. This means that defending one’s interests without considering the court practice is an adventure, which in most cases results in failure.


Inspection of a counterparty or an individual is always a very delicate and complex process. Thus, it requires confidence in the positive outcome and confidentiality. 


Our company’s lawyers have both extensive theoretical knowledge and considerable expertise in this area of law.